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Hi, I'm Neslim Hancılar

I earned my first money from creative work at the age of nine. I placed second in the nationwide children's painting competition and won a generous cash prize. I have to admit I could never have sold the painting for that price.

I was a happy kid who played a lot and read a lot. Growing up, I became an engineer with a passion for problem solving and systems building. Earlier in my career, I earned my first Ninja badge as I became a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Working in R&D, Quality and Manufacturing helped me learn a lot about making products.

During a seminar, I decided I was not in the right place. I wanted to be in business, not in a factory or a lab. People told me I could not change my career after a decade. I didn't listen! Soon after, I launched my international marketing career. Adventure and fun followed!

I had my first marketing meeting with a Swedish client. My first market visit was to Egypt. Over the past decade, I have gained extensive marketing experience in Europe, MENA, North America, South America, Australia and have collected a lot of Ninja "Market" Badges. Building new connections and understanding different cultures has enriched my life.

My real breakthrough came with digital marketing. Ninja learns the knowledge of nature and how to use it. What nature is to a Ninja, the online world is to a Marketer. Any online strategy has a shelf life of less than a year, and each skill leads to learning another. That's the excitement. And that inspired me to start Marketing Ninja.

Creativity, Courage, Connection, and Contribution make my journey meaningful. Marketing Ninja is my hope to convey this meaning to you.

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